Last week was the final week of my daughter being in camp and I had BIG plans for the time she was away – it was meant to be my 3 weeks of YES!!

(as a single mom and small business owner, summer is a big challenge time-wise so I was thrilled to have some time to dedicate to ME – not that I didn’t miss her)

Week one: worked 24/7 on launching my new program + I added a new one-to-one client to my roster – good week but no ME time
Week two: got sick – horizontal, 24 hour “wife swap” marathon, no appetite, no interest, no joy sick – definitely no ME time
Week three: still sick – are you kidding me?! go to the doctor, reach my fighting weight sick – ME time has left the building

Being sick puts being well into perspective

For two weeks I woke up and thought do I always feel a little awful in the morning? Am I better? will this pass?
and for two weeks the answer was no, don’t pass go, don’t collect $200 and honestly for the first week i was too sick to care

The second sick week, out of necessity, I did some things: I worked, I coached my group, I even hosted our first live gathering – I had been looking so forward to seeing my women live, hugging them, sharing a meal, connecting, building our little tribe, continuing our journey of creation.

The truth is, I was too ashamed to cancel – as if being sick somehow made me weak and unprofessional
The truth is, my humanity is part of who I am and what makes me real, relatable, and dare I say lovable
The truth is, while it was a “success”, every woman there said it would have been completely okay if we had rescheduled

Here’s what i learned:
No matter how important you think you are, the world will continue to run on it’s axis if you take time off when you’re sick
By that same token the world will continue to run on it’s axis if you take time off when you’re well
– even if it’s just an hour at a time, schedule it in, make it part of your “always-every” not “special-occasion-seldom”

ME time is a key ingredient to a joyful life and your juicy, joyful life is up to you every day – not just when your kid goes to camp