I was thinking about my mom revolution group of 700 (perfect women masquerading as imperfect moms) and asking myself the question, why are they here? what had them join? how can I serve them better?

here’s what I see

most women want:

to fit in
to have a great friend group
to feel successful – socially, financially, spiritually…
to be self expressed
to be confident
to be happy
to have happy, successful, well adjusted kids
to be deeply connected to their spouse or partner
to have great sex
to feel good about their appearance
to feel good about their accomplishments
to be accepted and admired for who they are
to feel proud of who that is
to be loved

most women fear:
not fitting in
being alone
telling the truth
being seen
that the feelings of less than, loser, whatever that is, are true
being an outsider
being found out
admitting that the face we show the world isn’t “real” or sustainable
that we are not truly lovable as we are and as we aren’t
that if everyone knew (fill in the blank) life would be over
that sometimes we just want to run away

just writing those lists made my stomach ache


what if you were already perfect? already whole?
what if you couldn’t do it wrong?
what if if life occurred as one big opportunity for joy and growth and freedom and love?
what if there was a community of women who were dying to bring you in and love you up, exactly as you are and as you aren’t?
what if your journeying back to you set off a chain reaction of unapologetic joy and peace and ecstasy that changed the lives of you, your family, all the lives you touch now and for the next 7 generations?

what would that be like?

I want to invite you to the joyful life revolution

this. is. your. time.