Yesterday was our last “pediatric dr” visit

My girl had been after me for months to find something not so “little kid”
So yesterday while we waited to be called in, amidst the sounds of crying babies and high voiced toddlers, I made the call

It’s the end of an era

Goodbye gaily painted walls
Goodbye stickers
Goodbye tiny cups of animal crackers
Goodbye kind nurses with cartoon adorned scrubs
Goodby looking for frogs in ears
Goodbye opening wide
Goodbye favorite room with children’s drawings
(especially the one by Michael Butts – teehee)
Goodbye fish tank
Goodbye sick side / well side
Goodbye (and good riddance) grape flavored syrup
Goodbye being able to kiss her boo-boos away

Hello big girl

She sits in my lap
Her feet touch the ground
“I love you so” I whisper
“I love you too” she whispers back

life just keeps moving on and so do we
with it, through it
embracing every moment, experience, milestone

and with every one, always the same question – what am I moving toward?
(not just for my beautiful child, but for me)

for me it’s, becoming more of myself, remembering who I am, why I’m here
what my legacy will be, with ups and downs, happy moments, poignant ones
pleasure research… to have the best possible human experience

how about you?

love you madly