I don’t know about you, but
my inbox has been packed with information and updates
about the sh%t storm out there
business closures, school closures, park closures, curfews…

(circumstances beyond our control, once basic preparation is handled)

you’re doing the best you can

keeping proper social distance
washing your hands to the tune of happy birthday
helping your kids navigate google classroom
taking walks around the neighborhood

(the things most people are doing to try to avoid tumbling down the sh%t storm rabbit hole)

survival skills, coping skills, getting through it skills

what more can you do? right?

um, not necessarily… here’s what I did:

yesterday I joined tik tok AND tinder!

(solely for my pleasure)

we can’t change circumstances but we can ALWAYS change our thoughts, our minds, our focus
and tik tok and tinder feel like hope, like future, like inspiration, like fun, like JOY

so what are you doing for your pleasure?

here’s a suggestion:

over these next few weeks
(or longer, hint-hint)
try these daily practices for a joyful life:

move your body
accomplish something measurable
feed your brain nourishing thoughts
eat something delicious
connect with someone important to you
make a difference for someone else

every day do all of these things, for 5 minutes, for 20 minutes
its entirely up to you, but do them and notice the quality of your life improve
notice how joyful life becomes in the face of whatever circumstances come your way

the goal is not to survive, but to choose pleasure and joy, to flourish

and if you need help managing your thoughts
and climbing out of that rabbit hole i am here:

(it’s GOOD to ask for help when you need it – it doesn’t have to be this way)