there’s a lot going on in the world
collectively and individually

feelings of overwhelm, fear and despair
but also invention, creation, collaboration, community
neighbors coming together
people having time to connect
reaching out to friends and family
being of service to total strangers

there are things we cannot control
and things we absolutely can
like who we get to be
how we show up
how we live

our dog Cassie
is having some medical issues
having nothing to do with corona
but everything to do with our family
she lost an eye a few years back
and suddenly, out of the blue
has glaucoma in the other
last night she was playing steal the sock
today she’s blind

we hope it’s temporary
luckily I was able to get her in to see the specialist today
they were getting ready to close
seeing the last patient of the day
but I fought for her
begged them to squeeze her in
and thank God i did

the doctor said if I had waited
it would have been too late
irreversible blindness
now she has a chance
so fingers crossed please
for our girl

the truth is
we will follow the protocol
administer 3 kinds of drops
3 times a day
love the sh*t out of her
and hopefully she will regain her sight
but whether she does or she doesn’t
whatever the outcome
we will handle it

what we won’t do
is waste our mental bandwidth
worrying about what might happen
because all that will do
is create fear and dread
which manifests like black tar in my body
and renders me useless
unable to think
unable to be of real service
unable to do anything really

maybe you know what I’m talking about

it’s a choice
being in a fearful place
or reminding ourselves
that she is under expert care
that we have everything we need
that cassie is healthy and resilient
from this place
I am my best and most resourceful
present, focused, ready, even relaxed

see how that works?

solutions and strategies for life
daily practices for living now
these are the foundation of a joyful life

don’t you deserve a joyful life?

sending so much peace and joy
to you and yours this weekend


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