this is not a post about a corona virus freebee
(though I have been doing a daily free coaching hour – let me know if you want in)
and I hope you and yours are well!!

THIS is a post about JOY and the GOLDEN TICKET that joy is!

so yesterday I was on a podcast
and the host asked me to share “my story”
as they often do
but the darnedest thing happened

it was gone

when I reached for it habitually
I didn’t have it to tell
the stories that I’ve been hanging my hat on
the teaching ones
the learning ones
the meaningful ones
every last one of them … vanished

(can I get a woot woot? – this is cause for celebration!)

those stories are complete
they’ve served me well
and left in their place is nothing
endless possibility
life wide open like the sky

and I’m leading the way for you
and your wide open like the sky life
if that speaks to you

you know where to find me

love you madly