this is a picture of my daughter’s breakfast this morning
“yum mama” she said as I handed it to her
nestled on the couch in our warm family room
“I love bacon”

I walked into the kitchen and wept

we are SO fortunate
she takes for granted
thought I don’t

a well stocked pantry
clean clothes to wear
the ability to stand on those lines at the supermarket
to prepare for the days and weeks to come

choices in the face of
the choices made for us
circumstances beyond our control

the families who rely
on the breakfast and lunch programs
to feed their children
are in the front of my mind

(and so are you)

this pile of bacon
with charred corn tortilla
is a freaking luxury
that I don’t take for granted

I have experienced difficult times
you wouldn’t know
but I do
it’s not something I talk about
or had even thought about
for a very, very long time

I called our board of ed
to see what’s been put into place
to see how I might help

“we don’t know anything ma’am”
I was told

so I’m here
for them
for you

what I can do
is keep asking
keep offering
keep being of service

I’ll be posting videos
(you can view them here if you like
of how to make food last
and how to make delicious meals
from simple pantry items

I’m available too, for free coaching
if you need it
if you’re feeling overwhelmed
or sad or mad or worried or anything else
(just reply to this email)

my vision is that this circumstance
these moments in time and space
unite us

what do you need?
how can I help?

you’re on my mind