some thoughts on joy
and getting knocked on your a$$

you live in the present
and sometimes bad things happen

living a joyful life isn’t about
pretending “everything’s fine”
it’s about feeling the feels
letting them wash over you
moving through the emotions
then assessing
and picking your path

it’s like when a wave catches you
knocks you off your feet
tosses you around for a minute
there’s no point resisting
you just have to go with it
and wait for it so spit you out the other side
you see where you are
and go from there

receive, allow, surrender

standing in the water
bracing for impact
is no fun
and no way to live

instead you play
you enjoy the water on your body
the sun on your face
as you ride the waves exuberantly to shore

and when one grabs you
catching you off guard
you go with it
assess the damage
and take it from there

it looks like cassie’s sight
may be gone for good
it was back on saturday
but today I don’t think she can see
I feel sad
there are probably more layers to process
and I will process them as they occur
for now we have a dr appt at 12:15

and I’m sharing my philosophy
and a little piece of myself
with you