my little girl is almost 10.  she has grown up so quickly sometimes it doesn’t feel real. she’s smart and sassy and very independent, when she wants to be.  so much so that I almost forget sometimes that she’s just a baby.  amidst all the videos, minecraft, make up, and manicures, my baby is still just a baby.  I was reminded of that last night when we watched a movie together.  it was nanny mcphee and my big girl was crystal clear that she had no interest in watching that but I put it on anyway.  within moments all the big girl stuff melted away and there she was, all wide eyed and wonder.  for moms, dads, caretakers and anyone who is blessed with a little girl, while they will grow up, seemingly overnight, right in front of our eyes, under “all of that” they are still little girls and they still need us, every day.  cherish, don’t rush, don’t miss it.