there was a time when I was apologetic about coaching joy

I would say it proudly, like I meant it, but deep down i wondered if it was enough – if I were enough – if it even mattered
actually, joy is ALL that matters
and every day I become more and more myself
and the women I work with become more and more themselves
and together we will rule the world
(okay, maybe that’s a reach, or is it?)
joy is not airy fairy – joy is real, it’s tangible
it’s how you live your life every day

it’s the roof over your head
it’s sleepy hugs and kisses from your sweet child
it’s the food you eat
it’s the bed you sleep in
it’s skiing
it’s golf
it’s soccer tournaments
it’s the us open
it’s rock concerts
it’s super soul sundays
it’s netflix
it’s daydreaming
it’s reading on a rainy day
it’s white sand and blue water
it’s the jersey shore
it’s Italy for truffle season
it’s wine country
it’s home cooked meals
it’s easy sunday’s on the couch
it’s your messy holiday table filled with friends and family
it’s dinner for one
it’s your best china
it’s paper plates
it’s saying yes and saying no
it’s the sunday crossword
(which by the way my mother does in pen)
it’s movie theaters
it’s broadway plays
it’s a large popcorn with extra butter
it’s crying real tears
it’s belly laughs
it’s walks in the park
it’s fragrant honeysuckles on summer nights
it’s clients
it’s cash
it’s work you love
it’s being present to the goodness that surrounds you
it’s the experience of a life well lived
it’s pain, it’s sorrow, it’s love
it’s being truly, unapologetically alive

so how’s that going?
(it’s just you and me here)

joy is tangible
joy is teachable
and that’s where I come in
it’s okay to ask for help