I was with a client yesterday who said:
“you make it seem so easy”

my answer to her was:
“it is. a joyful life is easy AND it takes practice”

we are such creatures of habit
how life occurs for us
what we make things mean
what we listen for
what we habitually do, think, act on or don’t act on…

all of those things create how life goes
so when you do something different
life goes a different way
it has no choice

pretty cool, huh?

I’m an expert at joy in the face of
life not looking like the brochure
today, for example, I’m getting gum surgery
and I got stuck in all I don’t have

someone to get my prescriptions
to take me there, pick me up
to feed me soup and smoothies
to make sure I’m okay
or even give a sh@t if I’m okay

so after having a good cry
(all the way through my 5:30 work out)
I got into action
reached out
asked for help
and then I received it

little things add up to the big life you crave

I am an expert of helping women like you
change things up
experience all the joy you can stand
one ride to the periodontist at a time
or whatever’s missing for you

and if you’re ready “even though…”
let’s talk about how I can help

accountability + actual how to
plus me, plus you = joy

you got this
and I got you
(and I believe in you)