It’s not you, it’s me

we’ve all heard that 1 million times(it’s actually a joke at this point)

I’m going to say something revolutionary, and probably unpopular:

it’s YOU
(and there’s so much freaking power there!)

if you aren’t living a JOYFUL LIFE that inspires you daily, it’s you

I underwent an amazing transformation for myself over the past several months and everyone is asking:

what did you do? what did you do? what did you do?

The truth is it’s not what I DID

I mean, it IS what I did

high-quality investments in myself

BUT the real power was the HIGH QUALITY FOLLOW THROUGH + COMMITMENT I gave to myself
that I entrusted myself with

It’s not how or what you start

it’s what you FINISH and HOW YOU FINISH IT

(should I say that again?)

I don’t know about you but I have paid top dollar for courses and trainings and seminars and if I’m being really honest with you and with myself I did not do all of them in the way they were meant to be done

and the results I produced demonstrated that

whether it was an $8000 marketing course, or a $15 book that still sits unread, in my office

the investment isn’t solely financial – it’s emotional

I’ve had clients that barely show up for themselves

and I’ve had clients that get their lives out of working with me


Because they DECIDED it was their time and then EVERYTHING they did was in service of THAT

it’s a FACT that most of us do our best when we have an expert to hold our hand, and hold us accountable

it’s THE FASTEST WAY to get to the “finish line”

(whatever that is for you)

January is almost over

one 12th of 2019 is gone

do you have goals for the year?
did you make a plan?
are you following your plan?

or are you just going through the motions?

It’s YOUR time, if YOU SAY SO

(even when you don’t feel like it)


what would it take for you to begin?
(you know, a a baby step)

make a list
then start on the first one