4 exercises

5 secrets

8 surprising habits

just fing shoot me

THAT is not wisdom

that is manipulative marketing


it makes me angry

it’s not what we want

there are no short cuts

you have to feel the feelings

do the work

take the time

work YOUR plan

(not the one that worked for hundreds of women “overnight”)

aren’t you just tired of feeling like not enough?

waiting for someone else to give you permission to be yourself

to define happiness as it occurs to you?

I was at a friend’s very fancy greenwich house

a bunch of years ago

and the women were sitting on the patio

under this big umbrella

talking about what a loser this one woman’s husband was

(she wasn’t there, of course)

loser, what a loser

can you believe she is with SUCH A LOSER?

I felt shame

I felt shame for her

I felt shame for me

my life, my husband, my house

also didn’t measure up to these “fine” women

we argued in the car on the way home

it wasn’t his fault

it was theirs

and it was mine

for letting them get in my head

no one gets to say

what your life should look like

it’s important to look at who you are listening to

is it a loving friend who has your back?

or is it a faux friend talks about you behind your back?

you deserve better

it’s hard to be surrounded by seemingly perfect lives

when yours is so imperfect

but the only mistake really

is not getting what you came for

and only you get to decide what that is

I am not an overnight success story

I am on MY journey

and I can help you with yours

with love

I would rather put myself out there and say that

and risk turning some people off

than risk not being there

for that woman who misses out

on seeing herself in my words

when they just might be the very thing

to give her a life well lived

not regretted

if you want to talk about how I can help, let’s talk