for a long time I talked about my divorce
the toll it took, how I am now free
I stopped talking about it because
I am in a new space
life looks good, positive
like anything is possible
and now
I am working with a woman
who is reimagining HER marriage
she isn’t in a new space (yet)
she is scared, sad
not sure if she should hold on or let go
or what being on the other side could even look like
the truth is
it was HARD
harder than I thought it would be
and I thought that all the “stuff”
would magically disappear
as we dissolved the relationship
the truth is
it didn’t
it takes a lot
to get to the other side
of something so steeped in meaning
grit, tears, laughter, soul searching, support
lots of one foot in front of the other
lots of baby steps
lots of tea and also good red wine
the truth is
it was a hell of a process and a journey
the truth is
I couldn’t have done it alone
if you find yourself in a space of indecision
feeling dissatisfied, afraid of wanting more
believing deep down that your life is meant to be BIGGER
leaving is not necessarily your next right step
but your next right step IS there for you to discover
let’s talk – I get you, I can help