on the bus to the city the other day
there was a woman “smuggling” in a cat
(animals aren’t allowed on the bus)
she had it tucked away in a bag and you could hear the cat crying, mewing pitifully

she didn’t understand why she was in a bag
she didn’t know where she was going
she had no idea what the distinction “bus” meant
she was very, very scared
and probably a little mad

my soul can relate

she just came back from a glorious experience
where she was honored daily
with all her sisters
then she got back to her real life
and it was as if she was tucked away in a bag
not allowed to show herself or shine
her true essence
all her brilliance

it’s not natural
for her to live like that
the cost is too great
for ME and for YOU to not shine
ALL our brilliance

It’s time to let the cat out of the bag
to release her in all her glory
to shine her brilliance
and rain all her gifts
on the world

everything you gave up
for who you thought you had to be
every time you made yourself small
for every thing you thought you’d have
and to fit yourself into that damn glass slipper
to the confines of that enviable life

it’s not real
the enviable life belongs to you
now, today, in THIS moment

there is a revolution of women
who say “no more” to the fairy tale
and “YES PLEASE” to the sisterhood
if sisterhood is your desire
reply: YES! and let’s talk